Need Business Insurance? Ask These Questions

Need Business Insurance? Ask These Questions First You own a small business. You know you need insurance. But what specific coverage do you need?  Before you buy insurance, you must ask yourself several key questions to determine the exact coverage your company requires. The answers to these questions will help guide your conversation with your insurance agent to create the ideal insurance portfolio for your... Read Article

Make Your Insurance Claim as Easy as PIE

How to Make Your Insurance Claim as Easy as PIE There’s been an incident. You need to start the claims process. To many in this scenario, this responsibility not only looms large, but can feel intimidating. Whether the situation involves an employee injury, an auto accident, or property damage, follow this PIE recipe to make the process faster, easier, and less intimidating. Photograph: Capture images... Read Article

What’s Your Property Worth?

What’s Your Property Worth? How do you establish this value for insurance purposes? Gut feelings aren’t the answer. Following are three terms that are often used interchangeably – and incorrectly so. Understanding these different terms may help establish your property’s value and identify the insurance coverage that’s best for you. Market value is the estimated dollar amount your property would sell for today, including the land it’s... Read Article

Home Security?

What You Need to Know about Home Security Did you know…? Over 1.7 million burglaries occurred in the U.S. in 2014. Burglar-proofing can prevent nine out of 10 break-ins. Insurance discounts of between 2 and 15 percent are typically available to homeowners who install security systems. With these facts in mind, it’s small wonder many homeowners install systems to beef up their home security. It... Read Article