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July 9th, 2018 by Lightship Insurance

Car Sharing and Auto Insurance

Car Sharing and Auto Insurance: What You Need to Know More and more car owners are looking to their vehicles as sources of potential income. The family sedan is no longer simply a tool to get to work, and it does more than deliver pizzas. Peer-to-peer car-sharing services have made it possible to “rent” a personal vehicle to other drivers who are seeking transportation. If... Read Article

Your Reputation Is Vital

Your Reputation Is Vital!  How can business owners best protect their companies? You may have heard the most common small business claim is theft. This is true, but it’s not the most costly one. Reputational harm claims top this list. These claims include libel, slander, and violation of privacy. The average cost for these claims is $50,000. If the claim involves a lawsuit, the price... Read Article

Using Landscaping to Lower Insurance Premiums

Landscape Your Way to Lower Premiums on Your Property Properly maintained landscaping can add beauty and value to a property. Poorly developed or neglected landscaping does the opposite. Did you know landscaping has the same effects on insurance premiums? Applying specific landscaping techniques can help keep your premiums low. Here’s how: Keep trees trim. Overgrown oaks and extended evergreens can cause property damage, which results... Read Article

Spring Cleaning Your Property

Spring-Cleaning Your Property Spring-cleaning is for everyone. It’s  a good time to review your property to check for seasonal damage, do necessary cleanup, and deal with maintenance issues. A well-maintained building can keep costs down and insurance claims lower. Here are some tasks to tackle this spring: Review the roof: Overlooked issues can lead to leaks and expensive repairs, and seasonal storms and general wear... Read Article