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October 10th, 2018 by Lightship Insurance

What Ingredients Go into My Auto Insurance?

What Ingredients Go into My Auto Insurance Cost? It’s not a secret family recipe, but your auto insurance cost does include three unique ingredients: you, your car, and your coverage. These three factors combined determine the risk and cost that shape your premium. You: Your insurance carrier considers your driving record, age, and gender. Those with clean driving records generally pay lower premiums. As for... Read Article

Watch Out For Disaster Scammers

BOP or CPP? Which Insurance Bundle Is Right for You? Appropriate insurance coverage is essential for a business of any size. With multiple options available, which policies should you choose for your company? Many entrepreneurs opt for a BOP (business owners policy). However, many could benefit from a second option: a commercial package policy (CPP). Which is right for you? Here’s the difference. Business owners... Read Article

Does Your Insurance Cover Identity Theft?

Does Your Insurance Cover Identity Theft? They’re not you, but they’re using your credit card. They’ve also dipped into your bank account. Identity theft can be a devastating experience. Victims may spend months or even years sorting through the disaster left in the wake of an identity thief. Educating yourself about this crime and how to protect yourself will help you avoid its damaging effects.... Read Article

Make Your Meetings Better

Make Your Meetings More Meaningful Pointless, endless meetings are the bane of the workweek. But meetings don’t have to be a boring waste of time. Use the following tips to make your meetings more productive. Start with proper preparation. Before calling a meeting, have a clear purpose, a well-defined agenda, and specified outcomes that you want to achieve. Limit the scope of the meeting to... Read Article

6 Things Covered By Homeowners Insurance You May Not Have Thought Of

When it’s Time for Teenagers to Take the Wheel He/she has matured past the tricycle phase, grown beyond the bicycle stage, and is ready to try┬átheir hand at something with an engine. Your teen says┬átheir ready to drive. Are you ready? Whether or not you’re emotionally up for the task, you can at least prepare yourself financially. Take the following steps before your teen takes... Read Article