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Homeowners Association & Condo Owners Association Insurance Denver & Colorado

A Couple of Young Renters Taking a Photo of ThemselvesEvery Condominium owners association and homeowners association needs a comprehensive insurance program to protect it from, personal liability and property damage claims along with miscellaneous areas of exposure. When creating your policy we take into consideration the unique characteristics of your association. A condominium building will have different needs than a subdivision with a clubhouse and a pool.

An HOA or  COA needs to have insurance but what is right for one community may not be right for another. Coverage needs to be appropriate for the association involved. The following coverages should be considered when determining what is right for your HOA or COA:

  • Fidelity Bond (dishonesty coverage)
  • Property insurance
  • Commercial general liability insurance
  • Automobile insurance
  • Director’s and officer’s liability insurance
  • Comprehensive equipment coverage insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Umbrella liability insurance