February Auto Insurance News You Can Use: RVing In Colorado This Spring?

Shopping Online for Car Insurance? Read this First

Every day we’re bombarded with advertising for auto insurance. According to a recent U.S. survey, car insurers alone spent $5.3 billion on advertising in 2011 – an increase of 15% over 2010.

Why? The industry is changing. Vehicle registrations are down, and most North Americans now keep their cars longer due to the economy. Many are even dropping physical damage coverage. And insurance companies are feeling the pinch.

A large number of auto insurers are competing intensely for your premium dollar. The majority of auto premiums go to the top insurance companies, and particularly if you have a stellar driving record, these insurers want your business badly.

To get it, most provide quotes online. Shopping online for auto coverage may seem like a good alternative; you can receive a quote in less than five minutes. However, unbiased experts (those not involved in the auto insurance industry) offer the following cautions:

First, to obtain an accurate quote you must be prepared to give out sensitive information, such as your Social Security number, online.

Second, you may not get the details you need to compare policies from one company to another. Often coverage options are vague, using terms like “standard coverage,” which does not fully explain what you will receive for your hard-earned premium dollar.

Last, and probably most important to the consumer, you usually aren’t provided with information on how the insurance company you choose online will handle a claim.

Your independent agent can provide you with all the same information websites offer. And more. Instead of hours of Web searching and do it yourself comparisons, why not discuss your individual circumstances with your insurance professional, who can tailor coverage to your needs?

Auto insurance is more than a commodity. It protects your family from liability arising from the use of your car. Why buy something that important from an unknown source?

RVing This Spring? Review Your RV Insurance Now

Increasing numbers of Americans are setting out to see their country in recreational vehicles (RVs). Just as RVs demand special handling, RV owners have special insurance needs. Whether you are an experienced RV owner or are just beginning to shop for your RV, consider these insurance options to protect your family and your investment.

    • Buying a new RV is expensive, and once you drive it off the lot, it depreciates. Some carriers offer additional upgraded protection with Total Loss Replacement coverage that will provide a new RV if your newer-model RV is totaled.
    • Everyone wants an event-free trip, but breakdowns can strand you in out-of-the-way places. You may want to investigate 24/7 Roadside Assistance for towing, lockout protection, battery replacement, flat tire repair, fuel delivery, and removal from mud, snow or sand.
    • Vehicle add-ons need special insurance protection. Antennas, satellite dishes and other post-purchase additions can be expensive to replace. Accessories coverage protects your add-ons, and additional coverage is available for awnings and other extras.
    • Some travelers decide to live in their RVs full time. However, they still need liability coverage. Imagine if your on-board canine companion bites someone or someone falls near your RV. Full-Timer coverage can help you protect your assets while enjoying a traveling lifestyle.

RVs Good Sam Club has a million-plus members, so RVing is clearly a lifestyle choice for many. Do it safely; discuss insurance options with your insurance professional for the RV coverage that’s right for you.