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November 9th, 2012 by Lightship Insurance

Santa Pay Higher Premiums If His Sleigh Is Red?

  Does Santa Pay Higher Premiums If His Sleigh Is Red? Whether or not you believe in Santa is up to you. But regardless of your opinion on the jolly man in red, don’t fall for the following myths about insurance for his sleigh (or your car): The color of the sleigh affects the premium: Many believe that a flashy red sleigh is more expensive... Read Article

Danger DWD: Danger While Drowsy

Watch Out for DWD – Driving While Drowsy Do you belong to the 37% of drivers who have fallen asleep behind the wheel? It’s a dangerous, and common, occurrence: More than 20% of fatal crashes involve a drowsy driver. Each year, an average of 886 fatal crashes, 37,000 injury crashes, and 45,000 property damage crashes are due to sleepy steering. In short, drowsy driving puts... Read Article

Getting Back In Business After a Claim

How to Get Back in Business after a Disaster Rebuilding after a fire, earthquake, or other major event? Your insurance policy’s got it covered. Thanks to a claim to your insurance carrier, you’ll be back in business before you know it. But what about that time lag between the disaster and the grand reopening? Even with the funds to rebuild, the recovery process takes time.... Read Article

Homeowners: Here’s Help For Halloween Horrors

Homeowners: Here’s Help For Halloween Horrors It’s a night of candy, costumes and…caution? Halloween is full of fun times, but on All Hallows’ Eve many mishaps are possible. Not to worry. From slip and falls to fires to pet bites, your homeowners and renters insurance policies are there for you. If you have these in place, you’ll be covered for the most common Halloween B.O.O.’s, such... Read Article

Pollution Insurance?

Why Your Company May Need Pollution Insurance Today’s marketplace likes green practices, and most companies are striving for a smaller environmental footprint. From printing less to recycling more, businesses are looking more and more green. However, even green companies make messes. Even if your business operations are as green as can be, you may still need pollution liability coverage. Your standard liability coverage may not... Read Article